My name is Athena Salisbury and I represent Empowered Living Inc. Empowered Living Inc. is a mental health practice in Indianapolis, IN. Our mission is to change the stigma associated with mental health and create an environment that is safe for anyone who is ready to move towards a healthier life. Life can present challenges, how we react to the challenge can alter our state of mind. When a traumatic act occurs, it can leave a person feeling lost and burdened with feelings of despair. What do you do with the feelings? How will the pain affect progress?  Often, finding a creative way to channel emotions can be healing.

The Me Too Chronicles can be a great outlet. Within the platform, you can talk to individuals whom have similar backgrounds. Knowing you are not alone can be healing. Don’t be afraid to take the next step. By Empowered Living Inc. working alongside the Me Too chronicles we can change the perspective and stigma associated with mental health and domestic violence.

Throughout the year Empowered Living Inc. host fundraisers to have the ability to offer free/subsidized mental health therapy to anyone in need.    To stay connected or to donate visit our website at Lets change our community, then the world together.