Many victims and survivors of abuse are suffering quietly with their voices unheard.  Our mission is to EQUIP and EMPOWER victims and survivors of abuse.
Me Too Chronicles creates child protection strategies and educating adults through our literary products and services.
We need your support. Join in on the mission of raising awareness of domestic violence and sexual assault.
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Meet Charlotte L. Brown-Parrott: A Remarkable Inspirational Figure

Charlotte L. Brown-Parrott is a wife and a mother of four, She’s an award-winning activist, author, and digital artist who inspires everyone around her. Charlotte is the founder 31Woman LLC, where she helps businesses and individuals with different things like literary consulting, webhosting, graphic design, and promotional products.

One of Charlotte’s biggest achievements was co-founding the Dayton Book Expo in 2009. This special event celebrated writers and book lovers in the literary community. The expo even won the impressive Trailblazer Award in 2017, recognizing their groundbreaking work.

Charlotte is recognized for her significant contributions in raising awareness and providing support to women who have experienced abuse. To further this cause, she established an organization called Me Too Chronicles under the umbrella of 31 Woman LLC. Her unwavering commitment and tireless efforts have earned her recognition and awards. Charlotte firmly believes in equipping, empowering, and educating survivors, and she strives to make a positive difference in her community. Through her advocacy and dedication, she has created an environment of healing, strength, and empowerment for those who have endured such experiences.

In addition to her business and activism, Charlotte serves on different boards and committees. She is also proud to be a member of the American Legion Auxiliary, a group that values service and patriotism.

Outside of her professional life, Charlotte is a talented digital artist. Her artwork has been showcased in seven art exhibitions, capturing the attention and hearts of many with her thought-provoking pieces.

Charlotte is currently working on her first novel called “When The Power Goes Out: Darkness Follows.” This book is based on real events, including the violence and sexual abuse she experienced. Through her writing, she wants to share stories of resilience and healing, inspiring others along the way.

Charlotte L. Brown-Parrott’s story is one of strength, determination, and making a difference. She shows us that we can overcome challenges and make the world a better place. Her inspiring presence and commitment to positive change make her an extraordinary person to look up to.


Stephanie Hammett is a Dayton, Ohio resident Christian mother of four boys and 8 grandchildren. She is a twenty-year-old active student of the Bible and the daughter of Most High God. She is the founder of 1st Fruits Ministries, LLC and the co-founder of T & S Productions. Stephanie has written a book called, Many Are Called, Few are Chosen, and in 2006 with the help of her friend and partner, Charlotte Jenkins directs the play that piggybacks from the book called,  Pleading My Case. The play has toured the cities of Lithonia, Ga, College Park, GA and Dayton, Ohio multiple times during the 2009 through 2014 years which resulted in many people giving their over to lives to Jesus Christ.

In 2018 Stephanie had written, directed, and produced her very first full-length Christian film, The Prodigal Wife, which premiered in November of 2018 and had two sold out shows and received many rave reviews from the audience and local media. 

She has finished writing her second book, Kamari James, which is part of the Me Too Chronicles book series that deals with people who have and/or are going through domestic violence and sexual assault. Stephanie’s main goal in life is to continue to preach and teach the gospel of Jesus Christ until she draws her last breath or when the Rapture happens.

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