Do you believe the seed of abuse is planted in our youth at an early age?

The earlier we teach our children we will be able to prevent future exploitation and other acts of abuse.

Many victims and survivors of abuse are suffering quietly with their voices unheard.  Our mission is to EQUIP and EMPOWER victims and survivors of abuse.
Me Too Chronicles creates child protection strategies and educating adults through our literary products and services.
We need your support. Join in on the mission of raising awareness of domestic violence and sexual assault.
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"They have a safe place to call home and peace knowing others care for them."

Charlotte, you are making an impact in the lives of survivors! Your donation of 16 gift baggies means so much to survivors of interpersonal abuse coming to Coburn Place. You are helping them with a new beginning. They have a safe place to call home and peace knowing others care for them. For many, that's a new feeling. A survivor shared through tears with their advocate, “Without Coburn Place, my family and I would still be with our abuser.” You're making a difference.
Drew LaCroix
Coburn Place - Volunteer and Resource Coordinator

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